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Crowd-sourcing Wedding Ideas (for reals)

Early on, I had joked about crowd-sourcing our wedding planning; you know, hitting up friends and coworkers for ideas and having other people decide what we should do because Gavin and I seem to be too busy to do any of it.

Well, what is that saying- you get what you ask for?


My bride-to-be coworker shared with me a fantastic idea for RSVPs! I had originally decided on RSVP postcards to save trees. But I made a game-time decision to, instead, go with an answering machine…


…and an online RSVP form on our website.

It is basically generates a code snippet in the form of an iFrame that you can embed into any HTML page. Then, on the backend, it aggregates the responses into a neatly organized little Google spreadsheet that Gavin and I can check periodically. (So far, there are four people coming to the wedding, but I’m going to give it some time. After all, we just sent them out this week.)

Live-Stream Video

Later in the week, a different coworker shared a Mashable link with the two of us on how to Live-StreamYour Wedding. This lead to a group conversation (aka ad hoc brainstorm) on how convenient it is that Gavin and I are getting married on a Friday and how much fun it would be for the office to Skype into the wedding from a conference room.

We would, of course, designate a corresponding Foursquare location so that everyone can checkin to the wedding (moving target). “It would be like the royal wedding!” someone said. I have a drawing of the logistics of camera placement from an award-winning film-producer. (I’d have to talk you through it.)

TBD on whether or not we are going through with this but I’ll keep you posted. (Gavin said it’s totally fine, as long as we kept the volume on mute.)


I received a boatload of advice regarding undergarments (also at work) from a person who just got married in November. Since my dress has a super low back, I’m going to have to get creative with the things I wear underneath and explore some options.

My Surprise Bridal Shower: Part II

(Continued from Part I)

The moms wore matching corsages.

Momma and I had corsages, too.

Momma helped me open the presents. Jessica organized them. Amy documented each and every one in a master list entitled,” Yay Presents!!”

Janice made an amazing hat out of all the bows from the presents.

(Second hat of the day.) I have a similar photo from when I was about two years old and sitting in a box with ribbons on my head. Nearly three decades later, apparently not that much has changed.

Almost all of my bridesmaids were there, which made it exceptionally fabulous.

And last but certainly not least… Gavin!! I was really glad that the guys didn’t get kicked out. I think it was fun to have them at the bridal shower.

Here are a couple of “behind the scenes” photos I got a hold of:

The Balloon Storage Room

And the Prep Team

For more behind-the-scenes stuff, check out my mom’s blog: Big Secret’s Out!

And that was the weekend.

Friday night, after a long week at work, I came home to do a wedding hair trial with Meagan. On Saturday, I was at work all day then went to an for art & technology exhibition thing for work. Afterward, Gavin joined for a late night dinner with me and my coworkers at the Loreley bier garten.

Sunday went pretty much the same except with an added trip to Westchester squeezed in. I went to work (again) then left at 3:30 to pick up bridesmaid dresses at the apt, ran to the station (8 min. mile, ahem) to make the 4:35 train. I took a quick shower while Victoria tried on her bridesmaid dress with my mom.


My dad drove me back to the city at 5:30pm through horrendous traffic so that I could be home in time to get ready for a launch party for one of the magazines Gavin shoots for that started at 7pm. It was in Soho.

Since I wasn’t in the mood to drink (especially on a Sunday night), I had the promotional vitamin drink, called Mercy, instead.


By 11pm, we were back at the apartment and I was just about ready to pass out.