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12+ Hours of Christmas Fun

The Saturday before Christmas, Gavin and I had our last minute holiday party at the apartment (the one we suddenly decided that we MUST have because the tree looked just so stunning.)

The day began quite early, however, when Kris rang our bell at 9:30am. He had just finished his last qualifier for the NYC Marathon next year. Granted, I did tell him that I would be up baking magnificent Christmas cookies by 8am, I realized how ambitious that was considering I got home around 1:30am from my work holiday party after flying back later that day from a client meeting. (I was, understandably, “fashionably late.”)

But I’m glad Kris and Amy were able to come over so early because we got to spend tons of quality time with them, while I continued my marathon cookie-making-session from earlier that week. Early that afternoon, the four of us (Kris, Amy, Gavin and I) took the Metro North up to my parent’s house and got busy getting the tree.


We spent some time decorating. Jim and Momma came over for that. After some delicious local pizza, we were refueled and got ready for the party (actually, by that point we were all ready to sleep but we pulled ourselves together for a few more hours.)


Momma gave us these ornaments she crocheted. We hung them on the tree immediately after we got back to the apartment.


Our little holiday party had a nice spread Christmas (and Hanukkah!) cookies. (I got a little carried away this season): chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, linzer tarts, chocolate fudge and peppermint martinis. Most, for the first time ever. Yum!

Colleen and Tom brought homemade sugar cookies. Super delish!

All we needed to add was the fireplace channel on the PS3 and some Spotify holiday tunes and we were set!

Happy Holidays!

Opposites Attract. (Shedule-wise and otherwise.)

Starting last weekend, Gavin and I literally had exact opposite schedules. Sunday I went to visit the family because my dad’s Irish cousins were visiting (well that was the premise of the gathering, although we ended up getting together even though they couldn’t make it.)

We had a fantastic BBQ (including salmon, veggie burgers, corn-on-the-cob! and tons of different potato dishes) hosted by Don and Mary Jane. Also in attendance: Mom, Dad, Aunt Joan, Uncle Tom, Janice, Jackie, Caitlin, Mollie, Tom and Samantha. Some of their really fantastic neighbors stopped by at some point. It was really a fun time. After the usual topics of conversation (life at the apartment building down by Fordham road, family and growing up, latest updates on the education situations), we got into more modern topics like “assumed compliance regarding data privacy” and and “the symbiotic relationship between bacteria and the human body.” You know, stuff like that.

I got back home at a decent time but Gavin came back late from the wedding that he shot that day so I spent a good chunk of the Labor Day holiday just catching up on sleep (also talking to my mom on the phone while I attempted a macaroni salad.)

Tuesday, I worked from home. I felt like I hadn’t seen Gavin in days and plus it was my last week at JWT so I figured why not. On Wednesday night, Gavin shot Rye Rye at The Hudson. I stopped by the yoga studio on the way home. Another late night of shooting for him.

Thursday night, while Gavin was en route to the Montauk wedding, I was celebrating at my going away party with some of my favorite ad peeps from JWT (also some surprise appearances from folks who used to work there who stopped by to say hi.) Lovely night. I also may have found us a wedding pianist (at the second going away party of the night around the corner.) I didn’t know we needed one but this guy is so nice and so gay and his name is James. He knows Beatles and Broadway show tunes and sings. I’m sure we can find a spot for him.

Second fascinating discussion of the week (first being the discussion on bacteria from Sunday), was with one of the directors who came to my party. He was pointing out which people had “brand consistency” based on the way they dress on a day to day basis (which, of course, was entirely appropriate being that this party was competing with FNO and on the cusp of Fashion Week as well.)

Gavin was shooting a wedding all day on Friday (literally, all day- as in, 8am to 11pm.). It was a short day for me and bittersweet. I had my exit interview and handed in my laptop and tablet. I bequeathed my super amazing monitor to a super amazing designer who I know will appreciate it. I said my goodbyes (which, in advertising, are more like “see you laters”) and then walked out with my two plants. I am happy to have made a mark.

My coworker who sits next to me said they would have to “cast accordingly” for my seat. I’m sure they will have fun interviewing all the chatterboxes and bossy-pants candidates.

Now it is Saturday and GAVIN IS HOME!! (He has a wedding tomorrow but I’m excited to enjoy the day today together.)