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Got Plates?

On Saturday, Nicole and her friend, Sara, and I spent most of the day together. Toward the end of the afternoon, we had made our way downtown (from Alphabet City to Fashion District to midtown to the East Village.)

We passed by a thrift shop, called Cure Thrift Shop, on the way. The most magical thing happened: I finally discovered a place in NYC that sells vintage plates for $1 each. Score! I picked up nine of them. Best part about this (beside finding the plates) is that the proceeds go toward finding a cure for diabetes.

There is a total of 10 plates now in our apartment. Gavin’s mom is holding onto the bulk of the plates that she’s been collecting upstate. Once combined (and after we add a couple more sets), it should be enough for the entire reception.

Baking & Bridesmaid Dresses

My conversation with Nicole had sent me into a dual frenzy of both looking at bridesmaid dresses and baking. Because of my previous successes in cooking really, really late at night (chocolate chip butterscotch cookies for Thanksgiving!), I decided to begin with an old reliable standard: banana bread.

By Sunday morning, I was at it again (after a trip to the gym with Gavin for some much-needed exercise.)

FINALLY, I tried the recipe from Runner’s World that I had been wanting to do for so long. They were super delish. I must do this again.

I sometimes wish the weekends were longer. It always seems like there is so much more I could get done. The apartment is starting to really come together. (We started hanging things on the walls!)

Holiday Cookie Kickoff

For lunch at work I had fresh-squeezed juice (one of my favorite combos: apple, beet and ginger) and a granola bar. It was super delish and exactly what I had been craving. I also had a chocolate-covered Oreo, complete with a little sugar gingerbread man on top. Yup. The holidays have arrived and the accompanying cavity-inflicting delicacies. Of course, I had one. One of the good/bad things about sitting by the marketing team is that there are always goodies being sent to them. And, of course, I am invited to partake. I need to work out some kind of equation to maintain balance. One cookie = 1 mile run? I think the calories match up. I’ll have to check on that one.

Speaking of dessert… I would love to report that Gavin and I have decided on a cake and secured the baker and even have a cake plate and knife and that funny-looking triangular utensil used to escort the cake slice to its destination (usually a plate.) But that would be lying.

After work, I met up with Nicole (bridesmaid!) for dinner. It was great to spend some time with her. We didn’t stay out too late so I got to spend some time with Gavin once I got back home.

Hooray for the weekend! This was such a long week. I used to blame Thanksgiving. But now I blame Milo. For waking me up at five-thirty in the morning. Every. Single. Day.

Hopefully next week will be better.