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The bridesmaid dresses are in!

Amy, Nicole and I stopped over at Josandra’s office around 5:30pm yesterday for one last fitting. The dressed are beautiful and I love the color. It looks so happy.


I now have a garment bag full of dresses to deliver to the remaining bridesmaids.


The Best Bridal Shower Ever

I owe well over a hundred thank you’s to everyone who was involved in making this day not only happen but be the most well-organized, detail-oriented, thoughtful, beautiful and ultimately super fun bridal shower that I could have ever imagined. From planning and preparation to the actual day-of responsibilities, these guys really knocked it out of the park.

From what I’ve both heard and seen, here is the list of everyone who had a part in making this amazing event happen:

Executive Producer: Katie
Assistant Executive Producer: Mom
Coordinator: Katie
Assistant Coordinators: Bridesmaids
Creative Director: Mom
Creatives: Katie, Jessica, Amy, Janice, Nicole, Victoria, Karin
Production Team: Katie, Jessica, Amy, Ashley, Mom
Publicity Director: Katie
Print Design: Mom
Audio Engineer: Jim
Floral Arrangements: Jim, Mom
Chefs: Mom, Amy, Momma
Cooks: Jeremy, Katie, Ashley, Amy
Cake & Cupcake Design: Mom & Momma
Additional Food/Drink: Mrs. Thomas, Aunt Joan, Jeremy, Victoria, Katie
Culinary Quality Control: Dad
Wardrobe Stylist & Fashion Design: Mom
Costume (Hat) Designer: Janice
Gift List Management: Amy
Official Gift Presentation: Momma, Jessica
Photography: Gavin, Katie, Jackie
Videography: Dad
Gift Storage & Organization: Dad
Transportation Crew: Dad, Katie, Jim, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas
Set-Up & Breakdown: Jessica, Katie, Amy, Jeremy, Kris, Victoria, Momma, Dad
Best Husband-to-Be EVER: Gavin

“Most Distance Traveled” Award
First Place – Jessica from London, U.K.!!
Second Place – Mr. & Mrs. Thomas from Rochester, NY
Third Place – Aunt Lynn from Binghamton, NY

More to come as I gather photos and mentally digest all the wonderful things that have happened this weekend. (Gavin also got baptized!) Thank you again to everyone. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Bridesmaid Dress Fitting at Luna by Josandra

Yesterday, after work, my bridesmaids and I gathered together in the office of Luna by Josandra to try on some dresses. This week, Josandra had inventory of more than just sample size, in the styles I had selected so we took advantage of that and set up a last-minute fitting. Luckily, most people were able to come. Amy, Katie, Janice and Nicole were all there. (Jessica called in.)

We started off with some of the dresses I saw last time, except these were in prints. Out of the strapless ones, it was easy to decide that the non-ruffled version would probably be better for this type of thing. Nicole and Amy were into the “Stella” dress (as seen below in hot pink and blue prints.)

I tried some dresses on, too. (Jessica and I are pretty similar in body shape so she is planning to guesstimate her fit from what I look like in the dresses.)

Amy was really into ALL of the stuff in the showroom (particularly the bright blue turquoise dress.) I think I know who to call next time I go to a sample sale. :) Actually, I think everyone would probably come.

Janice and Katie went for the “Britt” style with the one strap.

You could kind of tell who liked what almost instantly…

…by the way their faces lit up when they put them on.

And, of course, Amy brought Kris and Katie brought Jim. So we had some of the groomsmen represented, too.

Before we left, we looked at some color swatches. The two I liked most were the orange, or “tangerine,” and the red. Both are bright, happy colors that would look fantastic on everyone.

After the fitting, Nicole and Janice headed out. Katie, Jim, Amy, Kris and I went around to the corner to get some Dunkin Donuts where Kris got a doughnut the color of his shirt.

Gavin had a photo shoot going on when I got home with Kalkutta but it ended shortly thereafter and we decided to spend the night in. There is a lot going on this weekend so we need to rest up!