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Under the Weather

Since I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, I literally had to drag myself out of bed. And to make Monday morning even more “Monday-like,” there was a 9:15am meeting that there was no way I could miss. By the end of the day, I was definitely ready for bed.

Gavin was super sweet and juiced some fruits and veggies for me, especially the ones packed with immunity benefits like carrots and oranges. (The floor got some nutritional benefits, too.)

It was so delicious but I wanted to save some for tomorrow since I haven’t made time to juice before work yet.

Enter: mason jar – and a new reason to save those lids! (or to buy new ones if you don’t have any.) Brilliant. I can’t take full credit though.

While we were in the kitchen, Milo rekindled his love for the olive branch pestle and mortar. What an odd cat. But Milo loves his olives!

Lucky for us (especially me since I was about to pass out), we had some leftovers to choose from. This one Tupperware container provided several additional meals of Alexandra’s beef bourguignon.

Odds & Ends

There were some photos that didn’t make the cut, for some reason or another, this Thanksgiving break.

1. Little fuzzy spikes that stick to your shoelaces (for those who walked outside the path – just me –  during the cutting down of the Christmas tree.)

2. Amazing find at Walmart- pigs feet in a jar. This was only slightly more exciting than that flock of humans on a Segway tour that Gavin and I spotted when we were visiting D.C. (Only in America, folks.) And less exciting than the cat food we picked up in a supermarket London for Milo and Madison: DUCK- FLAVORED cat food. Yum!

3. And last but not least, a photo from my mom. She sent it to me while we were still upstate but after Kris had left Boston to stop by Mom & Dad’s on his way back home. Milo was reunited with Kris, his second-favorite person. OR he was just really confused and thought that it was Gavin. Whatever the reason, he ended up finding a good spot to sit for awhile.

Out & About (A Few Weeks Back)

Somewhere around a few weeks ago (before things got busy), Gavin and I enjoyed a dinner at one of his favorite places: Shake Shack. It was one of those days when I got out from work late and it was past the point of hunger; we both just needed to eat, ASAP.

Gavin caught up with one of his favorite people (Corbin) for a few minutes, once we snagged a table.

This was the week before Jessica and Pete came to town and two weeks before Melo came to town.

In other news, both Madison and Milo have discovered new hiding spots. Milo has been hanging out above the fridge in between the fridge and the cabinet. Madison also prefers high spaces.

And BIG news!! Milo let me hold him for longer than three seconds. This is like the second time ever.