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Menu Tasting at Dinosaur BBQ

It’s hard to imagine anything better than getting together for some delicious BBQ with a group of good friends (and family!) Every year that I’ve gone down to Austin, TX for SXSW (also, the unofficial capitol of AMAZING FOOD), it’s been something I look forward to. And barbecue is definitely a big thing in Harlem.

Since Dinosaur BBQ, one of the more well-known BBQ joints in this ‘hood, (and Rochester, too) is top on our list of caterers for the wedding, we decided to revisit for an unofficial taste test.

Gavin organized a triple date, including: Kris & Amy and Meagan & her boyfriend, Carlos.

I ordered BBQ ribs, sweet potato mash and carrot raisin salad.

Gavin got brisket, pulled pork, mac& cheese and potatoes.

The food was fabulous, as usual. We had to wait one and a half hours for our table- it was THAT busy! Now we just need to agree on what dishes to choose. Right now, we’re leaning toward BBQ Ribs, BBQ Chicken and a few (somewhat healthy, vegetable-based) sides.

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist: Meagan Hester

While scrolling through my Facebook timeline, I came across an old status update which reminded me that I had forgotten to write about Meagan – Gavin’s favorite MUA (make-up artist) and the one who will be doing my makeup and hair for the wedding.

Here are some shots from that day when we did the test shoot. I told her to go super light on the makeup. Didn’t want to look like a hooker on my wedding day. (This unwarranted paranoia stems from a less-than-ideal experience at a makeup counter years ago when I actually walked away looking like I could’ve worked on 42nd Street in the 1930’s. Forever emotionally scarred.)

She mentioned adding in extra lashes. And I think I’ll ask to go a little darker on the eyes but overall I am super psyched about this. I’ve seen so much of her work and she is really good!

Meagan will be available to do the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup, as well. She said she’d put together a package based on how many people are interested.

Wanted: Catholic Church in Brooklyn

Next step is the ceremony location. Gavin’s makeup artist, Meagan, had a very good point on the location. Since we had previously considered Corpus Christi (the church down the street from our apartment), she brought up the fact that we may potentially lose people in transit between the two locations (Brooklyn and Upper West Side.) Also, it is definitely asking a lot of people, especially the wedding party, to continuously shuttle between the two locations for two days in a row.

So… we’re back to Brooklyn. But I refuse to go anywhere near St Agnes or St Paul’s Church. My dad was nice enough to do a little research and he emailed me the list of nearby churches (below), all within walking distance or a short drive from the reception.

Sacred Hearts & St Stephen Church
‪Brooklyn, New York
‪(718) 596-7750 ‎
(8 blocks West of The Green Building)

Saint Augustine Roman Catholic Church
‪116 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11217
‪(718) 783-3132 ‎
(10 blocks NE of The Green Building)

St. Saviour’s Catholic Church
‪611 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
‪(718) 768-4055
(17 blocks SE of The Green Building, one block from Prospect Park)