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This all happened before 10am.

I woke up early today for my Saturday morning marathon training. Madison was awake, too; working on her tan on the windowsill.


The run this week included a mile on the track by the FDR. I ran a 7:31/mi. (What I really wish I could do is run that pace in an actual race but apparently this is only my sprinting pace. I am the tortoise; not the hare.) So now I’m officially in the fast group.


The run was only 4 miles this week. I was glad that it ended in Union Square because the farmer’s market had just opened and I had wanted to stock up on some veggies.


I only got a few things: spinach, sprouts and tomatoes. The strawberries were so tempting but I didn’t get them because we already have a bunch in our fridge.



Since I hadn’t brought any water to the run – and I was both hungry and thirsty – I picked up a juice nearby at a nearby corner juice stand. Seeing the price of $5:50 for a small-sized juice made me remember what a fantastic investment we made in purchasing our juicer.


After the farmer’s market, I walked across the street to whole foods where I picked up a few things that are hard to find in our grocery up in Harlem: unpastuerized apple vinegar and raw steel cut oats. I found a place nearby my work where I can get seaweed and some of my other food staples. But I still have to go to Whole Foods occasionally for other things.

Later on, Gavin and I are going to a Memorial Day barbecue – waaaay out in Brooklyn. I’m bringing homemade guacamole. Simple, delicious- and who doesn’t love guacamole?

Selects from Gavin’s Lomo Pics

Gavin has still been sorting through his massive box of doubles. He sent me some today and they are super rad.



It’s the little things

Yesterday, I left work at 6:30pm, after a super-packed, high-energy day. It felt so good to get close to a regular schedule AND I got to have dinner with Gavin!

That morning, Gavin was so sweet and offered to drop off the two bridesmaid dresses I had borrowed from Josandra because there wasn’t the slightest possibility I was leaving the office, leading up to that big meeting in the afternoon.

After work, I booked it uptown to Jack Rabbit Sports to catch the tail end of a running group kickoff and presentation by Jeff Galloway. I’m super psyched about the start of marathon training this month. I’ve been looking forward to this all of my life. (Thank goodness the long runs happen early and on the weekends!)

Before going to sleep, I put fresh sheets on the bed. I think Madison wanted to help but she just kept getting caught in between the blankets.


I have two runs coming up this weekend and I’m super psyched. The Saturday run is in Central Park and I’ll meet my running group for the first time. The one on Sunday is a scored race with NYRR. I’m not going to push myself but running has always been a stress reliever for me so I know it will be a good thing.