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Screen-Printed Thank You Cards

On Tuesday night, I printed our “Thank You” cards using silkscreen, squeegee and some medium red (looks like coral) water-based acrylic paint.


For those of you who don’t know what screen printing is- it’s a printing process that you learn in art school when you major in graphic design. It’s actually quite rewarding, if you’re into process-intensive projects. (Also, a good fallback if you’re using thick paper and have already jammed more than one of the printers at work.)


Since Gavin had a major shoot that day, we had cleared some furniture out of the bedroom, leaving the perfect amount of space to set out the paper to dry.


Thank goodness the paint was dry by the time Madison came over to help out.


Of course, I did my research and most wedding websites and blogs put the proper timing of Thank You cards for a wedding at between 1-2 months. I’d like to get them in within the one month. I’m optimistic but it may be a month and a week. Our photos are taking an exceptionally long time to arrive.

T Minus 7 Days: Friday

The wedding is one week away. I only slept for four and a half hours last night. Jessica arrive at our apartment around 1am. Lulu also came by to stay over. There was a lot going on.

In between work and Jessica, I cleaned the floors and put new sheets on the beds and straightened up both of the guest rooms. Gavin and I also installed an air conditioner in one of the rooms so now we have one in the living room and guest room. Looking forward to getting ours in the bedroom too but that requires calling the landlord because we need a piece of wood and, right now, calling people like the caterer and DJ take priority.

I haven’t gotten a firm answer from Gavin on whether or not we will be taking a full week off after the wedding or just a long weekend and saving the vacation days for a longer trip in July, September or even December. So I took half the week off (Wed-Fri), since he really wants to spend time with his family at their new lake house on the Fourth of July. As for Monday and Tuesday, I’ve been just skirting the issue at work an being really vague about my availability. (I know, super responsible.)

Finally, our wedding favors arrived. Gavin put them together last night in between processing images from his 2-day shoot this week.


We still have no rings in hand but we should have them shortly. Gavin’s was shipped this week. Mine is with my mom. I just have to go get it. Jessica’s bridesmaid dress is also at my parents’ house. Minor details.

I’m so tired. My hair trial (part II) is happening tonight instead of last night. Once that’s over, I may just crash. There is a lot going on this Saturday. I need to sleep. Now I’m no longer a crazy person but a full-fledged zombie. (And no one wants to marry a zombie.)

Madison was super hot and panting so I gave her a cold shower s she wouldn’t overheat. She spent the next half hour drying herself off. Not sure if I helped her if you think in terms of energy expended in the level of effort post-shower.


I’m wearing Jessica’s shoes to work today. I might borrow them for the wedding actually. They’re quite nice. They’re also a turquoise-looking shade of blue.

I am so happy it’s Friday.

Marathon Napping (Home Sick)

I stayed home today due to said cold. I feel like I got ran over by a bus. Hoping to get better soon.


Good thing I have the cats nearby to remind me not to do too much so that I can put all my focus on getting well.