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One More Weekend, Contined

It was the Gavin baby pictures!! So exciting. We looked through them as soon as I got back. I’ll have to scan those later. But first, there are more daylight-required errands to scratch off the list.

I brought a huge bag of clothes to Salvation Army and returned a box of envelopes to Staples. (Those were the ones I was going to use for our invitations before I found the really cool blue ones at a different store.) After that I picked up my bib from New York Road Runner’s club for tomorrow’s Portugal Run. I made sure to get this one the day before instead of the day of because the Portugal race has good shirts and I really wanted a size small.

Then there were more stops along the way for other odds and ends. By the time I got home, my legs were done. Gavin was out shooting (preparing backgrounds for a shoot on Monday an Tuesday.) He asked me to come back out again but I couldn’t do it. My calves needed ice. I literally could not walk any more because they were too tired. (I later found out that this was because of the Vibrams and how they are known to strengthen the muscles you wouldn’t typically use when running.) I had run six miles that morning and walked 7-8 additional miles doing errands.

For dinner, I heated up some rice and seaweed with siraccha sauce (one of my favorite “comfort foods”) and got set up in the chair with a pillow for my legs and the laptop so that I could continue with the wedding prep online and through email. The next day is Father’s Day and we’re having another barbecue at my parent’s house so I wanted to get done as much as possible before we went up to visit the next morning.

One more thing:
I got my hair done (finally!) I went to Josh, who I’d first met more than four years ago through one of my friends in grad school.


Sure, there are plenty of people in Manhattan I could’ve gone to but I wanted to go to someone I trust (especially since I’m just a little overwhelmed right now.) So I schlepped out to Brooklyn for a cut and color with my favorite hairdresser. I am sooooo excited about my hair. I hadn’t had it done in over six months and it was definitely starting to show.

Holy Guacamole!

I hope that mashing your engagement ring into a bowl of ripe avocados is covered under the insurance policy (kidding!) because that’s exactly what I did at five o’clock on Saturday, in preparation for the BBQ that night.*

This week it was Josh & Jess’. They had these electric barbecues, which I had never seen before, and delicious spicy chicken. Christine showed up with some Skinnygirl Margaritas. I was just knee-deep in Season 3 of Real Housewives of NYC so it was nice to see this product actually make an appearance at an event.

(Last week’s BBQ was a “re-housewarming” party, thrown by Andy and Chloe, at their newly renovated¬† studio apartment just east of the Flatiron District. We spent most of the time on the rooftop and Gavin spent most of the time at the grill with Andy, while I got to catch up with some of my friends from NYU.)

*The ring is fine. I brushed it with some soap and an old toothbrush and it is currently 100% guac-free.