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Holy Guacamole!

I hope that mashing your engagement ring into a bowl of ripe avocados is covered under the insurance policy (kidding!) because that’s exactly what I did at five o’clock on Saturday, in preparation for the BBQ that night.*

This week it was Josh & Jess’. They had these electric barbecues, which I had never seen before, and delicious spicy chicken. Christine showed up with some Skinnygirl Margaritas. I was just knee-deep in Season 3 of Real Housewives of NYC so it was nice to see this product actually make an appearance at an event.

(Last week’s BBQ was a “re-housewarming” party, thrown by Andy and Chloe, at their newly renovated¬† studio apartment just east of the Flatiron District. We spent most of the time on the rooftop and Gavin spent most of the time at the grill with Andy, while I got to catch up with some of my friends from NYU.)

*The ring is fine. I brushed it with some soap and an old toothbrush and it is currently 100% guac-free.