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Momma Turns Sweet 16

Everyone gathered at Mom & Dad’s for Momma’s 90th (er, 16th) birthday party. When I say everyone, I do mean everyone. We had Mom, Dad, Jim, Kris, Gavin, Katie, Amy, Aunt Joan (Dad’s sister), Uncle Tom (her husband), Janice (my cousin), Mary Jane (Dad’s cousin) and Don (her husband), Ilsa (long-time neighbor), Susan and John (Katie’s parents), Jeremy (Kris’ BFF) and Ashley (Katie’s BFF) who are now dating each other, and Jackie (Ashley’s mom.)

Almost as soon as we got there, Amy jumped in to help mom out in the kitchen. Mom had spent 6 hours cooking the day before so I’m sure she was beyond grateful for a helping hand- plus Amy is a super chef.

Mom made the most delicious crab ragoons.

After an amazing dinner, and lots of conversation, it was time for dessert. Momma blew out her sixteen candles and then excitedly cut the cake. But she barely had time to eat it before we started a Momma Photo Booth.

Everyone got in for a photo with Momma, including Janice…

…Jim and Katie and just about everyone else who was there.

I got a really awesome photo of Jim and Kris together.

Momma opened all of her presents and stayed for awhile longer before she had to head home.

Most people had left by then. It was time for the Giants game. Gavin was definitely excited. He stayed in the living room with Dad, Jim and Kris while the ladies (Mom, myself, Katie and Amy) congregated downstairs in Mom’s studio for some girl talk. It was a super fun night.

Page 22

Very important news here, people. Gavin and I have officially been announced as engaged(!) in the Annunciation Newsletter for October 2011.

Just so that you understand how important this type of thing is, here is some context: Earning a masters degree from a prestigious university does not qualify. Showing work in an international galley exhibition does not qualify. Professional accolades such as… well, pretty much all of them- not qualified. No use flashing your shiny resume or kickass portfolio here, folks.

So you can understand how excited I was when I saw the email from the nun at my grammar school several months ago, requesting recent status updates from former students: “Have you gotten engaged, married, had a baby, changed jobs? We are looking for entries for our Milestones and Class Notes sections.” (For the record, the “changed jobs” part is something new they added so as to not intentionally leave out all the unmarried folks.)

Bonus: For anyone that’s known me since the eighties (first of all, please destroy any photos you may have involving neon leggings and uncomfortably large headbands), you may also notice two of my classmates in the same spread. ALSO, I think I saw Jeremy’s sister’s announcement, as well!

Moving Day / Pre-Housewarming Party

From the archive (about a month ago when Gavin and I moved into the new place in the apartment downstairs.)

Kris (groomsman!) & Amy (bridesmaid!) made an appearance. Penny and Ellie stayed at home.

Here is Gavin, pointing to my head. (He was probably bragging about how smart I am.)

Jim (groomsman!) is always after Amy; whether it be throwing things at her, trying to strangle her or pushing brownies in her face (see above.) It’s all out of love, of course.

And now for some REAL love. Guess who just made the official announcement of their relationship? Yes, that’s Jeremy (Kris’ BFF) and Ashley (Katie’s BFF.) Announced on Facebook that very night. We all immediately liked their relationship status update. You heard it here first.

And since we finally got our Sing Star working! (All we had to do was plug it into the correct component. Yes, that was about a year of me banging my “very smart” head against the wall over that one.)

Jim was probably checking into Gavin Thomas Photo Studio on Foursquare. I am neither mayor of that location  NOR the actual building You can just imagine how upset I am at this one although I am currently working on my mayorship at W+K. Fingers crossed for 2012.

Amy and Katie (bridesmaid!) make a perfect duet.

So do Jim and Gavin. (Note: Gavin is wearing the naked lady butt t-shirt that my mom hates. Whoops.)

And Last but not least, Katie and the little ones: Dexter and Callie. Dexter was having a rough day so she gave him a hug. Callie is working on the choice for her next song.