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12+ Hours of Christmas Fun

The Saturday before Christmas, Gavin and I had our last minute holiday party at the apartment (the one we suddenly decided that we MUST have because the tree looked just so stunning.)

The day began quite early, however, when Kris rang our bell at 9:30am. He had just finished his last qualifier for the NYC Marathon next year. Granted, I did tell him that I would be up baking magnificent Christmas cookies by 8am, I realized how ambitious that was considering I got home around 1:30am from my work holiday party after flying back later that day from a client meeting. (I was, understandably, “fashionably late.”)

But I’m glad Kris and Amy were able to come over so early because we got to spend tons of quality time with them, while I continued my marathon cookie-making-session from earlier that week. Early that afternoon, the four of us (Kris, Amy, Gavin and I) took the Metro North up to my parent’s house and got busy getting the tree.


We spent some time decorating. Jim and Momma came over for that. After some delicious local pizza, we were refueled and got ready for the party (actually, by that point we were all ready to sleep but we pulled ourselves together for a few more hours.)


Momma gave us these ornaments she crocheted. We hung them on the tree immediately after we got back to the apartment.


Our little holiday party had a nice spread Christmas (and Hanukkah!) cookies. (I got a little carried away this season): chocolate crinkles, sugar cookies, linzer tarts, chocolate fudge and peppermint martinis. Most, for the first time ever. Yum!

Colleen and Tom brought homemade sugar cookies. Super delish!

All we needed to add was the fireplace channel on the PS3 and some Spotify holiday tunes and we were set!

Happy Holidays!

Weekend in DC

Gavin had a wedding in DC so he headed up on Friday night. I spent one last night hanging out with Jessica in Brooklyn and then headed up on the 7 am bus the next morning. It was the first “night” of sleep since that big project at work launched (check it out here.) By 1:30pm , I had picked up the hotel key, freshened up and was head-to-toe clad in my black wedding assistant gear and ready for work, shot list in hand. We got a room in the same hotel as the wedding- super convenient.

The wedding was really interesting.¬† It was an African wedding and I had never been to one before. I’m sure Gavin will post on his blog when the photos are ready. The next day we enjoyed our time in DC and visited some friends.

Gavin’s friend Evan works at the W and he took us up to the roof deck for some champagne to celebrate our engagement.

Absolutely beautiful. Oh, and apparently the street vendors take their jobs very seriously in this town. Check out that signage.

We took a picture in front of the Capitol building. The Capitol didn’t really come out in that one.

Other weird sightings happened along the way, like a huge tour group of people riding Segways. We went to a few museums and walked- a lot!

Then Gavin and I met up for dinner with his friend from RIT (and also newlywed), Sarah, before heading to the bus stop where I spent the majority of the wait time as a ball of nerves, constructing contingency plans in case the bus was late or full or got stuck on the way back. These are the things Gavin has to deal with.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend and three years after our first trip to DC (the first year we were dating.) Look how young we were!