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Jim Graduated!

On May 23, 2012, my younger brother, Jim, graduated from Mercy College with a degree in Music Industry & Technology (and honors!)

Immediately following the graduation, we had a massive photo shoot with Jim.

Here he is with my other brother, Kris.

Jim and Katie had a super long hug when they saw each other. We circled them like paparazzi.

Mom and Dad took a photo with Jim, as did I. (Yay Jim!!)

Dad held Mom’s purse while she took a photo. Katie’s dad looked on from behind. (I think he was trying not to laugh.)

After the graduation, Kris, Amy and I had to head back to work. Kris and I took the Metro North back together.

Brooklyn Half Marathon

What a great way to kickoff the weekend! Kris and Amy let me spend the night at their new apartment so that I could get an early start (ahem, 5:30am) for the race this morning.

20120519-152856.jpg We each went to our respective corrals (Kris was, of course, in the first one with the elite runners. Pfft.)


Kris and Amy ran in their Vibrams. I wore my Nikes since I hadn’t trained farther than 6 miles in the Vibrams yet. Maybe next race I’ll use those.


One mile into the race, some dudes took a bathroom break. I was moderately impressed with my in-motion photography skills. Running while shooting- usually it’s Gavin who does that.


Fast forward 13.1 miles… and I got me some BLING!!!


Super psyched to hang this on the medal-holder that Amy got me last Christmas. (The one on the right is Gavin’s from the 2011 NYC Half.)

The best part, besides the fact that Gavin and my parents were waiting at the finish line with Gatorade, was that we ended the last portion of the race on the boardwalk at Coney Island!


We skipped the cyclone and got some free chocolate milk from the Nestle Quik rabbit who apparently followed Amy, Kris and my parents from their escapades last week (see below photo I stole from Amy’s blog.)

Then we headed back to Kris & Amy’s apartment for a shower relay race before walking out to grab bagels and check out the nearby farmer’s market. Jim and Katie came down for the farmer’s market, too. I got massive quantities of spinach for juicing, a few sweet potatoes and a one small wheat grass plant.

Oh, and my mom FINALLY joined me on DrawFree (my new favorite game on the iPhone.) Hooray!! Only took like 4 weeks.


Gavin and I had to leave around 1:30pm so that he could watch Chelsea in the Champion’s League Final. He loves Chelsea. I’m planning to rest my legs and not do anything for the rest of the day.

Mother’s Day Bauer-B-Q

There’s no weekend like a Bauer family weekend. We continued from the cupcake crawl right on into the Bauer-B-Q on Sunday.  We made sure mom and Momma were sufficiently showered in tons of flowers.


Gavin designated himself as the official meat preparer and barbecue master. No one was going to challenge that (although if anyone did, it would have to had been Jim, who makes equally impressive burgers.)


We all know how good Gavin and Jim burgers taste.


Anyone and everyone who happened to be on a veggie kick lately (there were a bunch of us), broke down and went in for the barbeque.


It only took three tables to fit 11 people and ALL THAT FOOD. We had salad, shepherd’s pie, a stuffed spinach and cheese roll (I need to get my hands on that recipe!), grilled vegetables, hot dogs, “white hots,” cheeseburgers and sausages.


It was a fun day. It was a long weekend. And we’re going to do it all again next weekend – except this time, it’ll be at the Brooklyn Half Marathon with some mix of food and family afterward.