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Father’s Day BBQ

This past Sunday, my family and I celebrated Father’s Day the way we know best- with a backyard BBQ with lots of good food, great people  and a lot of fun.


In fact, Amy was so excited about the food that she broke her fork.


Gavin manned the grilled, as per usual. We had salmon this time, too. It was super delish. Katie’s parents stopped by, too.


We did a family photo together in the backyard. Apparently the dress code was as follows: blue shirts for guys with khakis and blue shorts/pants for the ladies.


And then,we took one with our expanded family! (Significant others were included in this one.)


Gavin and I practiced taking photos of him putting on my (engagement) ring, as per our photographer’s instructions.


Then, of course, I stole some photos from Facebook. This time, I grabbed the ones from Katie’s camera.




This one would’ve been cute too, had Gavin not decided to photo-bomb it. Overall, it was a super fun day!

Later on that night, I did my final dress fitting before the wedding day. I’m glad its the last one because I think my mom is one fitting away from killing her only daughter. (Kidding! Sort of…)

The dress is so beautiful! I also have two veils: the “beekeeper veil” for the ceremony and a more cocktail-appropriate (shorter) one for the reception. The shoes I tried on with the dress are okay. I’m not in love with them but my feet are so that’s good.

Lego Heart Pins

This happened last weekend. But its still a fun story and I found it in my draft folder while I was writing a blog post on the chronology of my wedding dress (scheduled to publish on June 30th, the day after our wedding- once Gavin has finally gotten a chance to see the real thing.) So I thought I would share.


Gavin and my mom had a Lego-heart-pin-making session in the dining room the night of Jim’s graduation party, once the guests had left.


We were all pretty exhausted (Kris, Amy, my and my dad) but these two (Mom and Gavin) were excitedly talking about the wedding and trying out different ways of doing the heart pins and also discussing the wedding favors.

Gavin has been super involved in the wedding favors since a few months back and so I left them to it. (After all, there were a lot of other remaining wedding details I could sort out that were not the favors.)


My dad is concerned about wearing the heart pin. We reassured him that it looked awesome.


Obviously, they will look much better with the gray suits.

Jim’s Graduation Bauer-B-Q

Yesterday, we all gathered together for a backyard barbeque to celebrate Jim’s graduation from Mercy College.


Jim and Mom and his “cake”


Group photo! (left to right: Jeremy, Mrs. Cumberland, Ashley, Zato, Amy; front row: Samantha and Momma)


Katie flying away with balloons


The paparazzi


Gavin climbing trees


Gavin and my two brothers, Jim and Kris


and Betty!

UPDATE: This one I stole from Andrew’s Facebook :)