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Visit to the Luna Showroom

After a pretty thorough exploration in the landscape of bridesmaid dresses (including online search, as well as an in-person visit), I decided to take my chances with a slightly different route.


So I went back to the fashion district to meet up with my mom’s friend Alexandra’s daughter, designer of the Luna by Josandra collection. (Her showroom is actually right across from the place where my mom and I purchased the silk for my wedding dress.)


Josandra and I sat down to chat. She had so many great ideas about the style of dresses (which  work best for what body types), colors palette (she had an entire book of swatches), weight of fabric (and appropriate undergarments), etc.


Josandra pulled some dresses from the rack for me to try on (in the makeshift dressing room in the middle of the showroom, comprised of two clothing racks.)


I love them so much, I want one for myself. (Watch out ladies, I might call you for a dress swap for upcoming cocktail parties…)


While most of the dresses were sample size, the last two were not. The gold dress is extra small. (She had to zip me into it and I was holding my breathe the entire time I was wearing it.)


As for the metallic one, it was size large and so it was a little flappy on me. But you get the idea.


Josandra suggested a compromise between what Gavin likes (everything matching) and what I was envisioning (nothing matching) that sounded really elegant. She proposed choosing three different (but similar) designs – for the seven women – and a single color that would bring all the styles together in a cohesive look. Sold.

Now I just need to decide on a color.

Christmas Part IV: Alexandra & Stazjek’s House

Last weekend we made our annual pilgrimage to Alexandra and Stazjek’s house out in Queens.

It’s one of my favorite times of the year- just after the mayhem of the holidays has subsided, we can enjoy a quiet evening, great company and delicious food in their gorgeous house.

This year, Alexandra’s daughter, Josandra, also joined; along with her husband John and their beautiful son, Kylan.

Gavin came this year, as well. He skipped a year. (Stazjek made sure to point this out (in a friendly, teasing sort of way, of course.)

We took our annual photos in front of the tree (the one I admired growing up because of all the antique ornaments.) And then we sat down to a delicious meal of beef bourguignon. Gavin and I were sent home with leftovers. I was so happy about this.

Afterward, Mom and Alexandra got serious and put on their fashion designer hats in order to dissect the structure of my wedding gown. It wasn’t long before they started draping napkins on my shoulder. After a lot of back and forth in a language I don’t quite understand, they both looked as if it all suddenly made sense. They figured out those sleeves- those crazy Alexander McQueen sleeves.

Alexandra asked me to look up the most recent exhibit at FIT, Daphne Guinness, on my phone (while they referenced my WIP wedding dress on the iPad.)

The work was exquisite. It was fun to be in the midst of this conversation even though I only understood about a quarter of what they were talking about.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my dress. It has been quite a project, especially with all of the feedback and inspiration that has come along the way.