Screen-Printed Thank You Cards

On Tuesday night, I printed our “Thank You” cards using silkscreen, squeegee and some medium red (looks like coral) water-based acrylic paint.


For those of you who don’t know what screen printing is- it’s a printing process that you learn in art school when you major in graphic design. It’s actually quite rewarding, if you’re into process-intensive projects. (Also, a good fallback if you’re using thick paper and have already jammed more than one of the printers at work.)


Since Gavin had a major shoot that day, we had cleared some furniture out of the bedroom, leaving the perfect amount of space to set out the paper to dry.


Thank goodness the paint was dry by the time Madison came over to help out.


Of course, I did my research and most wedding websites and blogs put the proper timing of Thank You cards for a wedding at between 1-2 months. I’d like to get them in within the one month. I’m optimistic but it may be a month and a week. Our photos are taking an exceptionally long time to arrive.

Our Wedding Photos

Gavin and I just got the link on Friday to a massive gallery of wedding photos from our amazing photographer so of course I had to consolidate a bit. I updated our URL to house the content.

Check out the selects on the website:

Running Machine

As I crawled out of bed this morning and proceeded to prepare- in zombie-like fashion- for an extensive run around the city, I thought about the things I was taking with me. I’ve read a lot about how the initial prep for marathon is important in so many different ways. Aside from the physiological benefits to training, there is also the trial and error each time of what you eat that morning and what you bring along.


So I guess I should keep track of that. Normally I have almond butter on whole wheat with an optional banana. But we just ran out of whole wheat and I wasn’t going near Gavin’s potato bread. So I eat one of my weekly staples instead: yogurt, granola, flaxseed and chia seeds.


The sunrise (5:30am) was amazing. On the way to this week’s meeting spot at 72nd and Fifth, I saw the setup beginning for the Boomer’s Cyctic Fibrosis 10K run at 9am, which Gavin was running later on today.


Fifteen miles later, I was back at the park (having done the majority of the mileage over on Randall’s Island.) I split from my running group and met up with Gavin for the start of his race.


My parents stopped by at 11am to drop off my dress and wedding ring that was at the jeweler’s being re-sized. I was really happy to get it back.


After a long nap in the afternoon (for both me and Gavin), I took some time to address the envelopes for our Thank You cards. Almost there. I think that’s the last remaining thing leftover from the wedding.

Well, that and the name change…