2-3 Months

Completed Task  Choose accessories (shoes, jewelry) for your bridesmaids. Then, either buy or pass along purchasing information.
Choose a marriage contract (a ketubah or any other contract required by your religion) for the ceremony.
Completed Task Start a beauty regimen and make appointments at a nearby spa (massages, facials, etc). If you’re considering whitening your teeth, this is the time to do it!
Completed Task Shop for and purchase wedding bands.
Completed Task Buy or rent ceremony decor and reception decorations that aren’t included in your flower proposal (huppah, aisle runner, program basket).
Completed Task  Double-check that your attendants have bought their dresses and accessories.
Completed Task Decide on wedding favors. Shop for wedding favors online or consider making your own wedding favors. Allow extra time for custom-made favors (i.e., chocolates in a preprinted box).
Completed Task  Gather any honeymoon documents that you’ll need for an international honeymoon (passport, birth certificate, visas, vaccinations, etc).
Completed Task Get all your under-the-dress essentials and any special lingerie in time for your first wedding dress fitting.
Completed Task  Pick up your invites (or finish working on them) so you can get ready to send them out.
Completed Task  Grooms: Get measured for your tux at the formalwear shop.
Completed Task Having a bridal shower? (A bachelorette party? Or a bachelor party)? Talk to your maid of honor and best man about any prewedding party plans.
Completed Task  Confirm the bridesmaid dress delivery date (if you are handling the order).
Completed Task  Schedule your dress fittings and confirm delivery date for your wedding dress. The Knot Note: There are usually three fittings: the first at six weeks out; the second fitting at one month out; and the final fitting at one to two weeks before the wedding day.
Completed Task  Figure out ceremony readings and reach out to the people you want to play those roles.
Completed Task  Finalize the ceremony song list and ceremony readings with your VIPs (very important extras).
Completed Task  If you haven’t registered for wedding gifts yet, be sure to do so.
Send out your wedding bands to be engraved (to ensure they’ll be back in time for the wedding).
Completed Task  Arrange for all insurance policies to include you and your future spouse: health, auto, homeowner’s, and life insurance.
Schedule a boudoir photography session or any extra photography sessions you want. Other popular options: a formal portrait session for your wedding announcement; a day-after session in your wedding clothes; or a rock the dress session before or after the wedding.
Completed Task Grooms: Buy any tux accessories you will need (shoes, shirt stays, cuff links, pocket squares).
Brides: Give a bridal shower guest list to your bridesmaids.
Completed Task Time to stock the reception bar (if it’s not included in the catering contract) — make sure you order enough liquor, wine and/or champagne.
Completed Task Send out invitations at the three-month mark. (Be sure to add extra postage for overseas guests).
Completed Task  Arrange day-of transportation for you, your wedding party, and guests (as needed).