Testing out the waters (Preemptive Domain Search)

Hm, looks like KathrynThomas.com is already taken. (Lame.)

I tried KateThomas.com for good measure. Taken. (Even worse.)

Both KathrynBauer.com and KatieBauer.com, however, are registered by moi and scheduled to automatically renew on Sep 14, 2011 and Dec. 3, 2011, respectively. Had I known that Gavin and I were going to meet and get married, I would’ve just purchased and parked the domain way back in 1999 when ‘the internets’ was still fairly new and domains were selling like hotcakes. (Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve.)

So this begs the question, if KathrynBauer.com becomes “outdated” (Gavin is smiling right now. I know it.) and KathrynThomas.com is already taken, what should be my new website URL?

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