ETA: 3 Hours Late

Overview of the things I accomplished today:
– wedding dress fitting #2
– caught up on much-needed sleep
– got carrot caught in my teeth for the entire duration of the 6+ hour bus ride #TMI #Ihatemyretainer

That’s it. I was super unproductive AND late. (I arrived at my 11:45am bus at exactly 11:45- not an hour before like you are supposed to. Needless to say the bus was already full and since there were <10 of us, Greyhound instructed us all to just catch the next bus.)

The morning was enjoyable though. I woke up at 7:30am. My parents drove down to pick up the cats for the week. Dexter, Jim & Katie’s cat, is also rooming at Mom & Dad’s for the weekend so we can expect some fantastic videos to come out of that.

In other news… my wedding dress is so pretty!! There is a long train now, too. We have moved past the green practice dress and into muslin, which my mom has been writing on with sharpie.


We talked about lace, other embellishments, embroidery, this other thing I can’t remember the name of and, of course, sleeves. I have become quite obsessed with the sleeves. I mean, go big or go home, right? We are definitely taking sleeves to the next level.

Madison took rides on the train of the dress each time I walked across the room. Milo was disinterested at first but stepped in once he realized we were snapping some photos.


After my mom finished adjusting the dress, we had some breakfast, I packaged up the (still warm) banana bread that I made this morning per Gavin’s request (we had atleast a dozen bananas frozen and ready to go) and then my parent offered to give me a ride to Port Authority.

The banana bread was actually so ambitious that it expanded right out of the dish and created a miniature banana bread just below. Nice going, banana bread!


The bus ride was long. I didn’t really plan ahead for this one in terms of food, since the original bus time was spaced evenly between lunch and dinner. So why would I need to eat on the bus? Since I took a later bus, and my chocolate cocoa krispies breakfast failed to sustain me for as long as I’d hoped, I quickly ran through what I had in my bag that was edible: salted seaweed, banana bread (I refused to touch this, as it is profoundly more polite to show up at somebody’s house with a full banana bread as opposed to a half-eaten one) Orbit (not Trident) peppermint gum and a huge bag of carrots. I was not about to leave the front of the line for anything- not food, not bathroom or even Jude Law could make be budge. I was getting on this next bus. So, with that limited set of options, I first went through the seaweed. Then, once we got rolling, I ate a LOT of carrots.


When we stopped in Scranton, PA, I sniped a Healthy Valley (only non-candy item) from the snack machine and hopped back onto the bus. It was a welcome break from all those carrots I’d practically inhaled earlier. I ate half.

Finally, I made it to upstate NY (Syracuse, to be exact.) Last leg of the journey and my stomach was rumbling. The choice was between Subway and Subway. So that’s exactly what I got. I ordered the ‘kid’s mini’ which was the perfect-size sandwich and it came with a juice box or milk, apples or yogurt or chips and a cookie (because they had run out of toys.) I ate the entire sandwich and had a bite of the cookie. The juice box and apple slices could wait till later.


One hour and forty-five minutes to go. I am now in a different bus with no working interior lights, that smells like toilet bowl cleaner and is headed right through the center of a thunder and lightening storm. I have also acquired a new set of numbers in my phone: Gavin’s parents (house and both mobile phones.)

I absolutely cannot wait to be there already. This thunderstorm is scary to watch through the big windows and unfortunately they are not serving cocktails on this bus.

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