The Week Before Vacation (aka Crazy Town)

Gavin and I have been getting ready for vacation at hyper-fast speed this week. Here are all the things we got done so far:

– Laundry. About three loads of it, between the two of us and including guest sheets.

– Returned the bolt cutter, extra shelf and nails to Home Depot. Why did I buy a bolt cutter, you may ask? Because they will not pre-cut shelving systems in Home Depot in Manhattan (something about exhaust from the machinery. Right.) Why did I return it? Because who needs a bolt cutter once you’ve finished building the shelves? I don’t see any reason to further clutter up our little Manhattan apartment.

– Updated my portfolio. Finally! Moved it to Cargo Collective and spent an inordinate amount of time switching over the nameservers (a task typically very simple but because of the hosting company and the site and their  compatability issues, this was a lot more complex.) Well, I did part of this last week but it finally went through early Monday morning.

– Packed my bag, part of Gavin’s (to get him a head start) and the cats’ bag.

– Stocked up on more of Milo’s favorite food from (The shipment arrived on Tuesday.) Milo was very excited.

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