Our Two Week Anniversary

Gavin and I have been married for two weeks now and I have to admit it does actually feel pretty much the same except with a certain added level of awesome. I am definitely loving this.

Now that we have taken some time (5 days) to relax and a week to get back into our respective schedules, Gavin and I got right down to business and started putting together our financial plan together.

What is a financial plan, you may ask? I’ve actually been meaning to look it up. That’s what I think what we just did is probably called. Basically, we made a monthly budget (Google spreadsheet- you know how much I love those) that included both of our expenses and incomes, then figured out how much we can collectively save together each month. You’d be surprised how the accountability factor works with this. Even just knowing that Gavin wanted to have this conversation was enough to prevent me from going out for drinks with my coworkers (part II) on Friday after work.

We also talked about our goals in general and what types of things we were looking forward to in the next 5-10 years. Luckily, we’re pretty much on the same page with slight variations that can certainly be worked out (e.g. Williamsburg versus Park Slope.) So that’s good.

Our lease is up in November. We’re both tired of switching apartments every year or so. Whether we stay in Harlem for another year or two or go back to Brooklyn already, still to be decided.

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