Visit to the Flower District

I went to the flower district early this morning- well, not quite as early as 6am but early enough to catch the grumpy, non-creative commuters on my way over to West 28th street. I could be over-generalizing but it seems to me (based on those days when I have to head into work for a 9am meeting) that people who have to be at work by 10am are exponentially happier in the morning than those who have to be in at 9am, with the one exception of Wall Street commuters who need to be there even earlier. I do not envy them one bit.

Before embarking on my botanical excursion, I did some light research the day before to see if I could uncover any pertinent information. I found exactly what I was looking in a NY Times article, “Midtown’s Lush Passage“, NY Magazine, and the Daily News. I jotted down some addresses as a starting off point.

Shortly after I got down there (only a few stops away on the A train), I stepped eagerly into the jungle of Manhattan. I had only been to the flower district once in my life and had forgotten just how fun it is (if you’re into flowers, that is.)

I walked around almost every store but actually found flowers to take home from these stores:
– Fischer & Page, Ltd. (150 W. 28th St., nr. Seventh Ave.; 212-645-4106)
H.U.P.S Flowers Corp. (108 W. 28th St., 212-807-7875)
United Wholesale Flowers (120 W. 28th St., 212-929-8264)

There were some really interesting tropical flowers but I was on a bouquet-only mission today. After selecting a few different flower bunches, I headed back home to make my trial bouquet.

Added bonus: Since I finished my Thank You cards the night before, I was able to get the into a mailbox before 10am (which means they will probably be delivered by Monday or Tuesday.)

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  1. We got our thank you today! Thanks so much

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