Lucky Shoe Number Seven

My shoes have arrived! This is the seventh style of shoes I’ve tried and the first of the non-ivory variety. I’m kind of into them, although in the photos they look more orange than coral, which is what they’re supposed to be.


Unfortunately, I can only try one of them on at the moment so I won’t fully be able to test drive their comfort level at full capacity atleast until the soft cast comes off my foot.


While I’m kind of digging the colored shoe (versus a white or ivory which is totally not practical in NYC; I have a pair of formerly-known-as-white sandals to prove this), Madison is not so sure about these.


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3 responses to “Lucky Shoe Number Seven

  1. OMG those are SO cute! I’m totally in love with them! Hope they’re super comfortable when you get to test drive them :)

    PS: Madison is SUCH a cutie :)

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  3. So untraditional that I LOVE them and the color all the more!
    (that’s just the ‘aquarian’ in me!)

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