Butterfly Nailpolish & Sprained Ankles

There have been three major developments in the past twenty-four hours, some of which I am more excited about than others:

1. Gavin and I met Inbal Sivan, a wedding photographer for a drink at Petite Abielle in Chelsea. Inbal is super personable, extremely professional and her work is impeccable.

2. I unintentionally acquired a new addition to my 2012 Spring wardrobe (it’s hardly ever a good thing when you get only one shoe.)


2 1/2. Coincidentally, Inbal had also sprained her ankle yesterday and was sporting her ankle wrap and medical shoe when we met.


3. I finally tried out the Sally Hansen nail art I’ve been reading about (basically wallpaper for nails) and it looks fabulous! Who paints their nails at six in the morning? I do! (It was definitely not intentional. Milo and Madison joined forces in a collaborative effort to wake me up.)


Speaking of nail polish, check out these super cool nerd nail designs.

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