We have a DJ!

Gavin spoke to DJ Kalkutta yesterday and confirmed that she will indeed be our DJ at the wedding reception. (DJ Dean has been MIA since months ago but we don’t care because DJ Kalkulla is a rockstar.  She’s worked with people such as Nick Cannon, Avril Lavigne and Betsey Johnson.)

In addition to her normal style of spinning (which will probably be fully underway toward the end of the night), DJ Kalkutta has also agreed to play some “normal wedding reception music.”*

Check out her article on YRB Magazine. (We have the printed version at home.)

* Don’t worry, Dad. She said she’s willing to work with us on the playlist. I’ll be sure to drop in some rock and roll classics for you and Mary Jane to dance to.

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4 responses to “We have a DJ!

  1. I’m excited. Glad to here that we will have some DooWop music to dance to.

  2. Awesome! She looks amazing :)

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