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Very important news here, people. Gavin and I have officially been announced as engaged(!) in the Annunciation Newsletter for October 2011.

Just so that you understand how important this type of thing is, here is some context: Earning a masters degree from a prestigious university does not qualify. Showing work in an international galley exhibition does not qualify. Professional accolades such as… well, pretty much all of them- not qualified. No use flashing your shiny resume or kickass portfolio here, folks.

So you can understand how excited I was when I saw the email from the nun at my grammar school several months ago, requesting recent status updates from former students: “Have you gotten engaged, married, had a baby, changed jobs? We are looking for entries for our Milestones and Class Notes sections.” (For the record, the “changed jobs” part is something new they added so as to not intentionally leave out all the unmarried folks.)

Bonus: For anyone that’s known me since the eighties (first of all, please destroy any photos you may have involving neon leggings and uncomfortably large headbands), you may also notice two of my classmates in the same spread. ALSO, I think I saw Jeremy’s sister’s announcement, as well!

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