Liveblogging from the Wedding Afterparty

Some ideas for our wedding:

LIKE: I would like our last song of the reception to be by Sinatra. Not “New York” like at the end of a Yankees game. Something classy. And Sinatra.

DISLIKE: I do not like the whole passing-around-the-ring ritual during the ceremony- otherwise known as “Ring-Warming.” (Correction: The ‘pass the ring to infuse it with love’ thing really only works with wedding guest lists of 20 or less.)

LIKE: The DJ at this wedding is awesome. He was great with the crowd. He’s from NH but I think if we have a DJ at our wedding, we should have him- even though he is a Red Sox fan. I asked Gavin to get his card. (FTR, Dean’s – the DJ- company is called Get Down Tonight entertainment.)

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