Hey Jude

I’ve recently discovered that it is probably easier to get tickets to The Book of Mormon (impossible) or entry into the NYC Marathon (improbable) than it is to get married in a Catholic Church… if one or both of you is lacking the Christian VIP pass otherwise known as the baptismal certificate. Yup, I totally cried when I found this out.

This is what happened. After stalking Jeremy’s sister’s wedding from the sidewalk with my family, which included Momma, Jim, Katie, Mom & Dad (Kris and Amy were at the wedding), I decided to walk across the street to the rectory and ask the priestly folk what the deal is if I were to *hypothetically* get married to an unbaptized (GASP!) man, whom I love very much, in the church I grew up in. The outcome was not good- something along the lines of atleast one year of classes and preparation (and that is not including Pre-Cana.)

Gavin shocked me with his response: “I can become Catholic. What do I have to do?”

So I did a little searching and then emailed all four churches in the Archdiocese of NY in Manhattan Country – and within walking distance of our zip code – to inquire about their RCIA, or Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, classes. (This is what its called. It sounds tortuous, and probably is. ) I’m not sure where this is headed but I guess it can’t hurt to get more info.

PS. That dude with the fire (Holy Spirit) on his head is St. Jude: the patron saint of hopeless causes. I’ll be chatting him up on this one, for sure.

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4 responses to “Hey Jude

  1. So glad you’re writing again.
    Also, it wouldn’t hurt to say a prayer or two for this ‘becoming baptized’ cause!

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