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Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Blue.

Something Old
The earrings Momma gave me several Christmases ago. It was the same year she gave me that white hat, gloves and scarf set that she made- the same year that arthritis had gotten really bad. I may have cried when I opened that box (not the earrings but they were magical too because they had belonged to her.)

Something New
My wedding dress. The blood, sweat and tears that went into it. The relationship I had with my mom throughout the year surrounding that dress. It is gorgeous and the best thing I could wear to start off my married life with Gavin.

Something Borrowed
This one was easy. As soon as I put it on, I said that the jewelry was decided. The earrings and necklace matched, too. Done and done.

Something Blue
I was going to wear a blue garter (the one my mom wore on her wedding day which she has given to me) but I have my own that she made for me, as well. And it is not blue.

So that leaves two options: blue nail polish or a pair of light blue panties that might happen to have the word”Bride” written on them. This will have to be a game time decision.

Second-to-last dress fitting

Last Saturday, before Jim’s graduation party, I had my second-to-last dress fitting with my mom. The dress is so gorgeous (some photos of the lace on my mom’s blog. Gavin, don’t click!) My mom said I look like a walking chandelier.

I’d brought with me about 3-4 different bras to try on (strapless, backless and “convertible.”) One of them worked really well with the dress so I’m going to return the others this week.


I’m not sure what Milo will sleep in after the wedding. He’s really getting used to all these empty boxes lying around the apartment.

The Oscars: Inspiration the Dress

The day after the Oscar’s aired (you can see I’m going back a bit), my mom sent these photos to me for dress reference.While the shirt portion is almost complete, the sleeves are still being worked out.

So we spent the first part of the show on the phone critiquing what everyone was wearing (as per usual.)

I went up for another fitting a couple weeks back. It was about 30-45 minutes of draping but in the end we had sleeves, a back and a neckline pinned. (Oh and by the way- I’m returning the shoes. They barely lasted through the fitting. My feet were swollen!)

Since then my mom has put the lace edges on the skirt and finished the veil.