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A Flower Girl, A Ring Bearer and “The Bad Guy” (True Story)

Awhile back, Karin (Gavin’s sister-in-law) was talking to her kids about the wedding; explaining to Mikalya that she would be a flower girl and to Andrew that he would be a ring bearer. (That’s before Gavin and I realized that we could have two ring bearers.)

Andrew might have misunderstood the statement because he was immediately concerned that he would be required to wear an actual BEAR costume. Branden announced that he would be “the bad guy.” (Still unclear as to what that means.)

I found out that Mikalya was into the color hot pink/magenta. So, instead of asking her to wear a white dress to match the bride, Karin and I picked out a color that was closer to the color of the bridesmaid dresses (same color family.)


And lastly, after a few conversations with my mom on baskets (and a lot of me vetoing all things white and frilly), my mom found a brown wicker basket that was about the right size. She and Gavin’s mom picked out the lace last time Gavin’s family was in town and voilĂ - we now have a beautiful flower girl basket!

Updates from Mom & Jessica


Mom got the paper and frame for the guest book collage.


Ans she put together the decorations for the pews in the church.


Also found glasses for the salad dressing we’ll have with dinner.

And Jessica located a really good place in London where she can pick up some pashminas for the bridesmaids to wear in church.

And that was the weekend.

Friday night, after a long week at work, I came home to do a wedding hair trial with Meagan. On Saturday, I was at work all day then went to an for art & technology exhibition thing for work. Afterward, Gavin joined for a late night dinner with me and my coworkers at the Loreley bier garten.

Sunday went pretty much the same except with an added trip to Westchester squeezed in. I went to work (again) then left at 3:30 to pick up bridesmaid dresses at the apt, ran to the station (8 min. mile, ahem) to make the 4:35 train. I took a quick shower while Victoria tried on her bridesmaid dress with my mom.


My dad drove me back to the city at 5:30pm through horrendous traffic so that I could be home in time to get ready for a launch party for one of the magazines Gavin shoots for that started at 7pm. It was in Soho.

Since I wasn’t in the mood to drink (especially on a Sunday night), I had the promotional vitamin drink, called Mercy, instead.


By 11pm, we were back at the apartment and I was just about ready to pass out.