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Fatbastard Contest Results

And the verdict is…

I lost THREE POUNDS since the beginning of this competition. My lean body mass pretty much stayed the same.

Weight: 133.4 lbs
% Body Fat: 26.8%
Lean Body Mass (lbs) 53.1
Fat Mass (lbs)  35.7

Weight: 131.6 lbs
Fat Mass (lbs) 35.9

I have a sheet of paper with a hundred stats on it.

And apparently I still have a free one-week membership at Equinox that I need to use in the next few weeks. Super psyched about that. I did physical therapy for my knee last year at an Equinox PT Center and loved it. It’s a little over the top- everyone for the most part is beautiful and there are people walking around to bring you towels, should you happen to sweat while exercising on the state-of-the-art, pristine exercise machines. I’m more than content with out $10/month membership to Planet Fitness but I will definitely spend a week at Equinox since I have it.

Game 1: We are the Champions

Yesterday was the first soccer game for our league (and my first soccer game ever.) I was super psyched to play. I never would have thought to take the ferry but the field is right on the water and I wasn’t too far from Pier 11 so I thought why not.


I always find it so interesting to go to parts of the city that I don’t know as well as the others. The fact that I can feel like a tourist even though I live here is one of my favorite things about New York City. It is constantly unfolding itself in different ways.


The ferry ride couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. I caught the sunset an a beautiful warm breeze as the boat jetted quickly across the East River.


I met up with Kris and Amy for dinner. We had the most delicious falafel sandwiches on 7th & Bedford Ave and then walked back to the river where we found the soccer field.


Everyone was so enthusiastic. We definitely put all of our energy into it and felt like winners at the end (despite the score of 5-0.) There were a couple of injuries along the way but nothing that got us down.


Kris banged up both his knees.


I rolled over my right ankle.


Amy got a fabulous soccer ball imprint on her arm.

All in all, I’d say we did well. We even took a team photo (which I promptly stole from Amy’s Facebook page this morning.). I’m looking forward to next week!




Soccer Lesson #2

I had my second soccer lesson with Gavin on Monday. We went to Central Park this time. It was such a gorgeous day. Gavin taught me how to run with the ball, how to “catch” it without my hands and a couple of sneaky ways to switch the ball direction quickly. (There is a really embarrassing video on Gavin’s phone of my earnest yet sad attempts to replicate what he showed me.) Then he pulled out some tricks of his own. For example, Gavin ran up to me with the ball, kicked it over my head and then caught it on the other side and kept on going. Wow.


On the way back we stopped at the grocery store, got ingredients for juicing and some essentials for taco night. (This time we used turkey instead of beef!) Back at the apartment, we put together a delicious dinner:

Gavin made a taco salad.

I had soft tacos instead.

After dinner we watched Money Ball. It was a very interesting movie on a lot of levels. And I have to say this was a pretty perfect day overall.