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Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

The last batch of Thank You cards have been sent out (and under 2 months!) I feel such an incredible relief from that, especially since I had started making these cards several weeks after the wedding.

Some people got red envelopes. Some got blue. We put a wedding photo in each of the cards (one of the three photos from the initial selects that Inbal had sent.)

The addresses were handwritten (not calligraphy like last time) and I designed simple return address labels that we had printed at OvernightPrints with both of our names on them (which will hopefully inspire me to stop stealing all of Gavin’s “Gavin Thomas Photo” return address labels in the future.)

Screen-Printed Thank You Cards

On Tuesday night, I printed our “Thank You” cards using silkscreen, squeegee and some medium red (looks like coral) water-based acrylic paint.


For those of you who don’t know what screen printing is- it’s a printing process that you learn in art school when you major in graphic design. It’s actually quite rewarding, if you’re into process-intensive projects. (Also, a good fallback if you’re using thick paper and have already jammed more than one of the printers at work.)


Since Gavin had a major shoot that day, we had cleared some furniture out of the bedroom, leaving the perfect amount of space to set out the paper to dry.


Thank goodness the paint was dry by the time Madison came over to help out.


Of course, I did my research and most wedding websites and blogs put the proper timing of Thank You cards for a wedding at between 1-2 months. I’d like to get them in within the one month. I’m optimistic but it may be a month and a week. Our photos are taking an exceptionally long time to arrive.

Thank You Cards

I went to the paper store last night after work to pick up some envelopes for our ‘Thank You’ cards. As you can see, there were several from which to choose but since the “wedding colors” have been coral and baby’s blue, it wasn’t too difficult to decide for these: coral or tiffany blue (which kind of looks like robin’s egg blue.) So I went with the blue, since the type on the cards is going to be coral.

(Warning to any former print designers out there who may be planning a wedding: you will become re-obsessed with paper stores once again. It happened to me.)

As far as schedule goes, these should be ready to go out a week from Friday (much earlier than the original plan); that includes production as well as writing the card content. I picked up the stamps on Monday, the screen is being printed and hopefully will be ready by Friday. I have the envelopes already and can start writing them tonight. (No calligraphy this time. Super happy about that.)