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Venetian or Viking Clear?

Yup, I went there. I had originally ordered the signature water goblets but then switched the order to include champagne glasses, as well. The signature water goblets didn’t have matching champagne glasses so I explored some other options: Venetian and Viking Clear. Since its so hard to visualize these elements together, I did a little Googling for photos of table settings with vintage plates, which ended up helping in the decision.


(Viking Clear)

While the Venetian did match the plates more precisely, the Viking Clear provided a distinct contrast that really stood out and looked more New York chíc (reference photo and link below.)

I also recalculated the order of tablecloths and utensils based on our actual guest list count. Now I’m pretty sure I can check that one off the list (finally.)

Updates from Mom & Jessica


Mom got the paper and frame for the guest book collage.


Ans she put together the decorations for the pews in the church.


Also found glasses for the salad dressing we’ll have with dinner.

And Jessica located a really good place in London where she can pick up some pashminas for the bridesmaids to wear in church.

Ideas from Jesica

Jessica had a wedding theme brainstorm with her friend Lucienne to determine some ways to bring a cohesive feel to our event.


They used the blog as a jumping off point and put together some really great suggestions.


Only the images are here but I can assure you that the contents of the four-page-long email will be represented in some way or another in the near future.


The one below is my favorite!