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Selects from Gavin’s Lomo Pics

Gavin has still been sorting through his massive box of doubles. He sent me some today and they are super rad.



Butterfly Nailpolish & Sprained Ankles

There have been three major developments in the past twenty-four hours, some of which I am more excited about than others:

1. Gavin and I met Inbal Sivan, a wedding photographer for a drink at Petite Abielle in Chelsea. Inbal is super personable, extremely professional and her work is impeccable.

2. I unintentionally acquired a new addition to my 2012 Spring wardrobe (it’s hardly ever a good thing when you get only one shoe.)


2 1/2. Coincidentally, Inbal had also sprained her ankle yesterday and was sporting her ankle wrap and medical shoe when we met.


3. I finally tried out the Sally Hansen nail art I’ve been reading about (basically wallpaper for nails) and it looks fabulous! Who paints their nails at six in the morning? I do! (It was definitely not intentional. Milo and Madison joined forces in a collaborative effort to wake me up.)


Speaking of nail polish, check out these super cool nerd nail designs.

Meeting with Tom Starkweather

Today after work, I met with Gavin and yet another photographer, Tom Starkweather, at Max Cafe on Amsterdam to discuss wedding photography and the possibility of working together on the wedding.

Gavin’s really into his stuff. I am too.

His specialty, unlike Wittmeyer who did food and interiors, is people… moments. It’s evidenced in his work and also how he talks about his work.

We have one more photographer to meet after President’s Day weekend and then we both decided to decide.