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Apparently, not that much has changed.

Here I am, thirty years later.

(Thanks for the flashback photo, Mom!)

Oh, and before I forget… my first award (as per usual, my name was misspelled.):


My Surprise Bridal Shower: Part II

(Continued from Part I)

The moms wore matching corsages.

Momma and I had corsages, too.

Momma helped me open the presents. Jessica organized them. Amy documented each and every one in a master list entitled,” Yay Presents!!”

Janice made an amazing hat out of all the bows from the presents.

(Second hat of the day.) I have a similar photo from when I was about two years old and sitting in a box with ribbons on my head. Nearly three decades later, apparently not that much has changed.

Almost all of my bridesmaids were there, which made it exceptionally fabulous.

And last but certainly not least… Gavin!! I was really glad that the guys didn’t get kicked out. I think it was fun to have them at the bridal shower.

Here are a couple of “behind the scenes” photos I got a hold of:

The Balloon Storage Room

And the Prep Team

For more behind-the-scenes stuff, check out my mom’s blog: Big Secret’s Out!

My Surprise Bridal Shower: Part I

On April 7th, I went up to my parents’ house for another dress fitting. Little did I know, there was a surprise bridal shower awaiting me. Although, once my dad told me to go into the backyard to “check out the BBQ,” I had a feeling something was up.

Then I saw all of the people standing there and the photos of me and Gavin on a little clothesline.

The biggest surprise of all, however, was seeing Jessica standing there. I did not know that she was going to be in from London. Turns out, she made a special trip just for this. We hugged. We cried. Actually, I think most people cried.

And then we did a round of hugs.

So many people were there. It was wonderful to be surrounded by both of our families and friends who had gotten together to celebrate us “getting together.”

The setup was amazing. Not a single detail went unaccounted for:

(everyone who made this day happen and who made it so special: my mom and bridesmaids, along with many others, made sure of that!)

from food selection to the containers the forks and knives were displayed in (each with a Chinese symbol with the translation on the other side;

to favors in little takeout containers with custom bows that said “Kate’s Bridal Shower April 7, 2012” and red fortune cookies inside with custom sweet sayings (and Asian folding fans!);

a box with our names on it and a photo that was filled with advice from everyone – there was a common overall theme but I’d like to keep this blog PG-rated;

and let’s not forget the banner across the garage. There were also chop-sticks in colorful wrapping, square paper plates, helium-filled balloons hanging from practically everywhere and lots and lots of colorful lanterns.

After the initial surprise, I went inside the house to put my stuff away. My mom then gave me a kimono that she had made for me to wear. (Good thinking, Mom. I definitely wasn’t dressed for the occasion; I rolled up in the usual, disheveled Saturday afternoon, dress-fitting outfit.)

To be continued…