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Four Hours Later

Gavin was kind of bummed out Friday and, of course, I attributed that to the fact that I hadn’t cleaned the house in awhile because the stale energy (chi) had accumulated and that was what was weighing him down. Obviously.

So after making some dinner and some jars of probiotic enzyme salad (more deets on this later), I got right to it.


By the time I was done cleaning (it may have been midnight), Gavin suggested we watch an episode of How I Met Your Mother. After that, we passed out. I have marathon training bright and early in the AM.

Maybe I ate this (I don’t know why we have chocolate sprinkles in the apartment but I do know that they will not last very long with me around.):


And my mom was emailing me all throughout the evening with photo status updates on the dress. It is so pretty and I can’t wait to wear it!

Digitizing my Cookbook (or how I lost the battle to black mold)

Sunday was definitely rest day for me, as the 13.1 mile run yesterday had left my legs feeling like lead. (I also slept a lot. If there was a competition for napping, I would definitely win.) Gavin said I was dehydrated but I think it also had something to do with the fact that I forgot to wear sunblock. Either way, it was a low-activity day.

Gavin and I went to church to stalk the priest because he hadn’t been returning Gavin’s emails. (This is a priest who does email.) When we got there, a different priest was saying the mass. We saw our priest afterward. He was preparing for First Holy Communion that day. We went over to say hi but neither one of us wanted to ask about the wedding. He was so focused on tying little bows to the pews. Gavin and I left, saying we’d see him next week. (Now we have to go again.) But we did sneak downstairs to catch a glimpse of the super cute second-graders all dressed up in miniature black suits and white dresses.

Aside from church, laundry, sleeping and breakfast (which Gavin was sweet enough to make this week),


I took on one more small project that I’ve been meaning to tackle that required sunlight in order to do…

Rewind to about a month ago: I was cleaning behind the microwave (which I think we’ve used once since we moved in) and I discovered that some water had made its way from the sink to behind the microwave- and along the bottom of every cookbook I owned. (Thankfully, this was before the bridal shower when I received a new cookbook, filled with recipes from everyone invited. That one will NOT be kept on the counter.)

I wanted to cry. This was a collection of recipes but along with them were memories from different stages in my life. There was the chocolate cake (Momma has since retired this one and instead makes “Jim Cake”) we looked forward to as kids, the dishes Mom made for dinner every night, Poppa’s eggnog recipe (with an extra cup of whiskey), children-friendly recipes like Dirt Cups (chocolate pudding with Oreos topped with gummy worms) that my brothers and I made ourselves, holiday cookie recipes that we got to decorate, traditional German recipes for all occasions and the Irish soda bread reserved for St. Patrick’s Day. I had recipes from high school and college ripped out of Women’s Health and Shape magazine when I got more into running and became a bit of a health nut (raw food, veggie, vegan, you name it.) So you can imagine the roller coaster of emotions that ensued upon the realization that these books were beyond repair and needed to be removed from the apartment (before the apartment became overrun by black mold.)

I did what any logical human being would do. I put the contaminated cookbooks into a plastic bag until I had some time to deal with the situation properly. Then, at the first opportunity, I took the soon-to-be-tossed cookbooks out for an amateur photo shoot.

Each recipe was carefully captured. My recipe books are now digital and stored on my hard drive (and the camera, just in case, since I haven’t made a backup DVD yet.) I’m going to drop them into folders and store them on the iPad, as well, since I use that a lot for referencing recipes anyway.

I thought about putting the recipes together in Blurb, along with the stories associated with each one. But I’ll leave that project for a rainy day. For now I’m just happy to have saved the memories (despite the fact that the cookbooks themselves are now gone.)

Recipe shown is called Artichoke Manicotti (see color version here.) It’s one of my favorites (and Gavin’s too.) I almost put Momma’s chocolate cake recipeĀ  since it looks so cool- faded 1950’s magazine paper and all. But then I realized she would probably kill me. This manicotti recipe is from Mom. I think she’d be happy to know it was being shared.

Weekly Recap (First Week of May)

Monday – Gavin and I spent the day in Puerto Rico, then headed back on an evening flight to return to NYC.

Tuesday – I went after work to pick up the cats from my parents’ house. They were super happy to be back home. Gavin had initially intended on getting them during the day but my mom had some in-person questions regarding the dress and table decorations that needed to be discussed so we both went up for a short visit (and to retrieve the kitties!)

Wednesday – I got my hair done (FINALLY!) Well, not done-done. It was just a small haircut (not color) and only $20 at the Aveda Institute. While I had been initially somewhat apprehensive about trying this place out (its literally around the corner from where I work) – after several cancelled hair appointments – I was kind of just looking for something close and that took appointments after 6:30pm. Done. And it looks really good. Hasta la vista split ends!

Thursday – We had a soccer game. Kris and Amy were packing for their big move instead but I brought Gavin and Joe again and we almost scored a couple of times. (I think the first game we lost by 6. This one, it was only by 3.) Gavin played so hard his shoes fell apart.

Friday night I stayed in but headed to sleep early for the run the next morning.

Saturday – I did the run with Mom and Amy.

Sunday – I cleaned like a maniac all day long. (I even reorganized the hall shelves!) We were going to go church today but Gavin made an amazing breakfast for us instead.