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Wedding Shoes! (again)

I got the most beautiful pair of shoes in the mail today. (Thank goodness for free shipping and returns. I’ve done this a few  times already.)


They’re a little dark though. Gavin is concerned that they’re not bright white. But my dress is ivory and these shoes are ivory (“diamond white,” my mom confirmed.) And they’re pretty close to the swatch. Well… it’s debatable.


Anyhow, I’m going to hang onto these for awhile and see if I don’t find something better.

Gavin Gets his Dunks

Gavin just put together his custom pair of Nike dunks so we have a set of husband and wife shoes.

He chose gray to match the tux, red to match his boutonnière and yellow because he wants the date to “pop.”

The delivery time is somewhere around four weeks so I’m going to call today or tomorrow with the specs to make sure there is ample time. So excited!

Question: Is it bad luck to wear your shoes before the wedding- even if its just around the house (you know, to break them in?) This applies to both bridal wedding shoes AND our Nike Dunks.

Shoes and the “Perfect Height” for a Bride

My mom and I had a lengthy discussion surrounding my shoes and decided (she decided) that the perfect shoe height is approximately 3.5″.

Because we estimated Gavin to be around 5’9″ to 6’0″ and my height – a mere 5’5″- would need a little “boost” for the wedding photos, we did a little math and arrived at 3.25″ to 3.5″ heels (coincidentally, also the height of a floppy disk- remember those??)

PS. We also had another dress fitting today. The photos have been distributed to all interested parties.

I’m going to go read about string theory and quantum physics to counteract the brainpower I have just expended to construct the algorithm that will define my height for the big day.