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Antiquing in Upstate NY: Part II

After some tree-shopping (and tree chopping) on Saturday afternoon, Gavin’s mom and I went to two more antique shops. One was located in an old barn, actually several buildings, on this old man’s property.

You could count several decades worth of dust on certain items. It smelled like my grandparents’ basement but there were SO MANY interesting things inside. It was hard not to dive in and explore. (Had I worn my “painting” clothes or something equally as scruffy, this wouldn’t have been an issue.)

There were some nice pieces of furniture inside. This is the kind of thing you need to have some time to pick through. I found three mason jars and two plates. I spent $1.08 total on everything.

I think I made a wise decision in not venturing down to the basement; looks like zombies might live there.

Last but not least was a place a little farther out. In terms of display of items, I’d have to put these two shops at opposite ends of the spectrum. Glass encased and adequately labeled, this was a little easier to look through (and less dust on our hands afterwards!)

Finds here: little red metal tray with bright yellow flowers on it and more wedding plates (brown flower design.)

I think I found what Momma used to have in Germany growing up (and the reason why she still calls our refrigerator an “ice box.”)

Antiquing in Upstate NY: Part I

Forget Black Friday sales. We had better things to do. While the guys stayed back to watch sports, the gals (Mrs. Thomas, Aunt Lynn, Karin, Mikayla and I) dashed off to “The Emporium” – a very large barn filled with very many old treasures.

Definitely some good finds here: a large wooden basket, several hand-embroidered table linens, wedding plates (green pattern), a little wooden rake and… drum roll please… a large wooden chest! (almost identical to the kind I had spotted in an interior design book the night before. See below. HOORAY!!

I stood guardt while Mrs. Thomas went out front to bargain with the owner. Gavin is going to work out the shipping on Monday before he heads back to the city, since the place was closed for the holiday weekend. I am SO EXCITED about this piece of furniture and cannot wait until it arrives. (There is even a little compartment inside for smaller storage items. Cat toys?)

By this time, everyone was pretty much done so we went back to the house. However, Mrs. Thomas and I came back for one more tour of the barn to make sure we hadn’t missed anything and to also check out the upstairs.

When we got back, we had more turkey and lots of delicious leftovers. And more pie.

Branden showed Mrs. Thomas how to play Angry Birds- backwards! When the kids left, Gavin and his dad watched TV while his mom and I poured over Martha Stewart’s wedding website together, trying to get some ideas on centerpieces and,  well… everything else.

That night, Gavin passed out from eating too much turkey. I stayed up a bit later, on my own, to get a large chunk of work done on a freelance project that I took on recently.