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Got Plates?

On Saturday, Nicole and her friend, Sara, and I spent most of the day together. Toward the end of the afternoon, we had made our way downtown (from Alphabet City to Fashion District to midtown to the East Village.)

We passed by a thrift shop, called Cure Thrift Shop, on the way. The most magical thing happened: I finally discovered a place in NYC that sells vintage plates for $1 each. Score! I picked up nine of them. Best part about this (beside finding the plates) is that the proceeds go toward finding a cure for diabetes.

There is a total of 10 plates now in our apartment. Gavin’s mom is holding onto the bulk of the plates that she’s been collecting upstate. Once combined (and after we add a couple more sets), it should be enough for the entire reception.

Plates: Brooklyn Edition

So I thought I would check out some of the NYC hot spots for antique and vintage goods. First stop was a place in Brooklyn appropriately named, Junk.

I used to pass by here on the way home sometimes from the Bedford stop on the L, when Gavin lived one floor below me in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Sometimes there would be interesting things. I got the cat dishes here.

Lo and behold- DISHES! Unfortunately, they were not in the mood to bargain andĀ  the price was definitely not right.

So I just looked around a bit before heading out.

Cool stuff, although I missed the shops upstate almost immediately.

The second place I went to, Ugly Luggage, was on Bedford avenue and on the way back home. No plates here but lots of other cool stuff. I may need to check out the Brooklyn Flea again. MUCH BETTER finds over there. These fancy-pants hipsterville price tags are simply unacceptable.

All About the Plates

Gavin and I decided about one month ago incorporate some unique Brooklyn style into our reception with unmatched vintage dinner plates. He told his mom about our plan and she started the collection.

Since there are, as you can imagine, about a hundred different configurations one can create with such a selection, the Sunday before I left to come back to NYC we got to work on mapping some of those out.

First was basic inventory, which was a brief assessment of what we currently have in hand.

The first couple of settings were totally random.

Then we went forĀ  similar plates (flower designs.)

Then came the themes: green…



and brown.

The themes seemed to work a little better than completely random because there was some sense of order in the chaos that grounded the whole configuration.

Since the tables will most likely be in a circular pattern, we moved to that layout.

And last but not least, the centerpieces.

Of course, real plants have preference in my book since they are so alive-looking and also considered an environmentally friendly alternative to cut flowers. There is the issue of all that dirt but then that can be covered in an elegant way.

I’m still not sure whether it will be flowers cut or in potted planters but atleast we narrowed in on the size of the centerpieces and possible color (clear or something very neutral so as to not deflect attention from the plates.)