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I made one of my favorite recipes last night (one of Gavin’s, too) called artichoke manicotti.


I’ve been making the green juice a morning into a staple every morning which I think has helped keep my nutrition in check no matter how crazy the day gets.


The juice recipe is pretty simple and, while the ingredients may vary from Mean Green Juice (Joe Cross) to Glowing Green Juice (Kimberly Snyder), the base is pretty much the same in most instances: kale, celery, apple and lemon.

Back to Being Healthy

In addition to the apartment being kind of a dump (this issue has since been resolved), Gavin and I had also been dumping bad food into our bodies for the past couple of weeks: processed food, sugar, sodium-laden frozen food, take-out (MSG, who knows what else) and overall a really unhealthy, unbalanced meal selection. It was high time for this to stop. We were both getting run down, on edge and exhausted way too often lately.

So we kicked if off this weekend with some exercise, juicing and homemade, balanced meals. On Saturday night, we had free-range chicken with broccoli and basmati rice.

I started earmarking pages in one of my recent favorite books (thank you Jeremy and Ashley!) The nice thing about this recipe book is that, not only does it provide a massive amount of combinations for juicing, it maps symptoms to issues and provides a list of recommended recipes for each. I immediately went to the section for fatigue (and bookmarked a few others, too.)


There was a really delicious one that Gavin and I are both crazy about. It’s supposed to be good for attention deficit disorder (ADD), which we both probably have to some degree. One could just as easily attribute this to the fact that we’re both creatives and its just a personality trait. Either way, the juice was good and it was a refreshing departure from the Green Juice which we’ve been drinking pretty consistently when we juice.

Here’s the recipe (page 173 of The Juicing Bible– highly recommend if you have a juicer; even if you don’t):
Pear Pineapple
2 pears
2 pineapple slices
1 cup red grapes
1 lemon


Saturday morning was my first run with my running group. We’re training to run a 9-minute mile for the marathon in November which would mean sub 4 (under 4 hours for the entire marathon.) We started out with an easy 3-mile run and will increase the mileage every week by one mile until we get to 29. The idea is that if we go past the amount of the actual marathon distance, our bodies will adapt appropriately, preventing such a dramatic hit of “the wall” at the end of the race- the infamous last stretch on Fifth Avenue when we strive toward the 26. Gavin was up early that day, too, but to watch the Chelsea soccer game.

Then on Sunday, Gavin and I woke up fairly early again to run 4 miles in the City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks. It was kind of cold that morning and looked like it was going to rain but we pushed through and Gavin even finished before me with a pace of 9:28/mi!) We went to church afterward so that Gavin could pick up his baptismal certificate (also we hadn’t gone in awhile.)


Once we got back home, we had a nice breakfast together. Gavin made bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches on English muffins.


I made a broccoli omelet and finished up the rest of my juice. I tried a sausage, too, since they were fresh and not the microwaveable ones that we’ve had in the past. Super delish!

Date Night in Harlem

Gavin and I decided to have a date night on Monday this week. He found this place called Africa Kine that was a few blocks away from where we live so we decided to check it out. However, from the moment before we even walked in, Gavin was a bit trepidacious.


But I made him go in anyway. After all, why should we miss out on our opportunity to eat African food?

As it turns out, we both did not like the food; I mean, REALLY didn’t like it. I wasn’t so surprised at him as I was with myself. I can usually eat anything (except cucumbers and watermelon) and am willing to try almost anything atleast once.


So two funny things happened. While we were eating, I started a sentence: “Do you think…” (referring to the people next to us who were obviously meeting for the first time off some dating website.) And then I didn’t need to finish it. Gavin answered before I did.


And then we did this again except this time I read his mind. (Apparently, he was thinking we should get the food to go and grab a slice of pizza on the way home and that’s exactly what I said to him.)

We asked for the check and had the remainder of the food (it was a lot) wrapped to go. Gavin asked for a “doggy bag.” I couldn’t stop grinning. WHAT IS THAT?! This is obviously another upstate term I need to add to my vocabulary, along with “white hots,” “pop” and “bagels,” (pronounced baaaaaaaaaaaaah-gulls.)