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One more month until the wedding!

Gavin and I are getting married one month from today. I have been excited about many things in my life but nothing more than this day.

Here are some pics from 2009, at Gavin’s friend’s (Deichmiller’s) wedding. This is the first time I saw him all decked out in his official wedding garb.

I definitely knew I wanted to marry him when I saw how good he looked in a suit. I mean, how could you not want to marry this guy?

There he is with his mom.

And with me. I think that’s my favorite photo ever.

Yup, this is the guy for me. One more month and we’ll be walking down the aisle together. I’m really excited. Like, REALLY excited.


Official Wedding Website: Redesign

Since its been over a year (and a lot more wedding details later), I decided to give our website a bit of a facelift, to make it through the home stretch leading up to our wedding.

In addition to wedding categories such as the ceremony and reception details, I included some not-to-common categories such as:
– Places to Stay (since we’re leaving it open to guests to decide instead of having a block of rooms at any one hotel)
– Getting Around NYC (for transportation advice and resources)
– Good Eats (some delicious food recommendations)
– Do It Like a New Yorker (very fun and exciting things to do in case you’re visiting but have already been to the Statue of Liberty)


Mini Motorcycle Racing & Paintball Guns

In case there was any question as to what I do when I go into work on the weekends, I thought I should point out that its actually pretty hard work … to race a mini motorcycle with a sprained ankle in a jumpsuit.

(Thanks to Victoria for the photo, which she immediately emailed to Gavin.)

That said, I should also acknowledge the fact that this is an annual event to celebrate the date in which the company was founded. I do actually work and not play (for the most part.)

On a somewhat related topic, I’m now wondering if Gavin and I can find a creative way in which to celebrate our wedding anniversary each year.

A friend of mine and her husband take an annual vacation every year to celebrate their anniversary. What do you (or would you) do to celebrate yours?