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T minus 1,440 hours

Puerto Rico was wonderful; a much-needed step away from the fast pace of daily life in NYC. Now that we are back, and getting married in just shy of two months’ time, Gavin and I have to check off a few more urgent items on our never-ending wedding to-do list:

Invitations: Print, address and send wedding invitations.
Rings: Order Gavin’s ring/ Get mine (from Momma) re-sized.
Cake: Select and book a baker for the cupcakes / mini-wedding cake.
Rehearsal: Organize the night before (I think we’re still waiting on the priest.)
Music: Send lists to both DJ and organist with selections.
Transportation: Review transportation options from my parents and Gavin’s parents and make a decision. Call for reservation.
Hotel: Reserve someplace for me and Gavin to stay nearby in Brooklyn the night of the wedding.
– Wedding Favors: Decide and buy.

While I promised myself that this would not happen to me and Gavin, here we are – less than three months before the wedding – with some major $%!* to get done still. I guess we are officially in “crunch time” now.

My Day Off

Here’s my Thursday:


This week was different though because Gavin came to soccer with me (also my friend, Joe, from college.)

Here’s my Friday (I wrote it down so I would stay on track):


Since I have the day off, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some stuff done.

Keep on Keepin’ On

Here are some of the things I got done this week (before work, afterward and during lunch):

– Put together a timeline for the day of the wedding. (Okay, I didn’t do that. Jessica did. But I made sure we had enough fresh juice, coffee and a good lunch to get us through it all.)
– Scheduled the organist to play at our wedding. Next steps are to send him a list of songs.
– Picked up a fabric swatch from Josandra and discussed next steps for the dresses.
– Got an updated quote from the rental company based on recent revisions we made this week.
– Contacted Columbia Bar School for a much better priced bartender. (We may still need to do servers through BookYourStaff but that’s okay.)
– Scheduled a hair trial with Meagan for my bridal hairstyle.
– Met up with Jim after work to borrow Katie’s Name-Changing guidebook. (I’ve got to deal with this at some point. Might as well have some options.)
– Organized and documented all of the gifts from the bridal shower (Sunday) when everything was fresh in my mind so that I can write proper Thank You cards.
– Brainstormed the decorations for the reception with Jessica.
– Updated Google Docs with more PDFs from vendors and revised spreadsheets.
– Printed out maps of the Green Building so that we can do the layout.
– Went to dinner with Jessica and Lulu, which was somewhat wedding related because on the way home Gavin and I both came to a consensus that sangria should probably be our “signature drink.” (This may or may not have had something to do with the two glasses of sangria we each had at dinner.)
– Picked out some readings for the ceremony (which we actually did awhile back but I just realized that I forgot to document it.)
– Started a Dropbox collection of photos from the bridal shower.
– FINALLY got to try on my wedding shoes (ankle cast = no more!) Based on the bridesmaid dress fabric swatch, these now look too orange but the good news is I found that same (previously unavailable) pair in ivory!
– Emailed back and forth with Karin to finalize flower girl and ring bearer(s)’ outfits.
– Organized and prepared Gavin’s tax documents