Honeymoon is booked!!!

Gavin and I just booked out honeymoon- 10 days n December in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Costa Rica.

Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

The last batch of Thank You cards have been sent out (and under 2 months!) I feel such an incredible relief from that, especially since I had started making these cards several weeks after the wedding.

Some people got red envelopes. Some got blue. We put a wedding photo in each of the cards (one of the three photos from the initial selects that Inbal had sent.)

The addresses were handwritten (not calligraphy like last time) and I designed simple return address labels that we had printed at OvernightPrints with both of our names on them (which will hopefully inspire me to stop stealing all of Gavin’s “Gavin Thomas Photo” return address labels in the future.)

One Month Anniversary

Married for one month already. Happy :)